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#include <KDChartDataIntern.h>

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Public Member Functions

 KDChartData ()
 KDChartData (double value)
 KDChartData (const QString &value)
 KDChartData (double yValue, QDateTime xValue)
 KDChartData (const QVariant &_value1, const QVariant &_value2)
 KDChartData (double yValue, double xValue)
bool operator== (const KDChartData &it) const
bool operator!= (const KDChartData &it) const
bool isEqual (const KDChartData &a, const KDChartData &b) const
void setAll (const KDChartData &R)
void setData (const KDChartData &R)
QVariant::Type valueType (int valNo=1) const
bool hasValue (int valNo=1) const
bool isString (int valNo=1) const
bool isDouble (int valNo=1) const
bool isDateTime (int valNo=1) const
void clearValue ()
QVariant value (int valNo=1) const
QString stringValue (int valNo=1) const
double doubleValue (int valNo=1) const
QDateTime dateTimeValue (int valNo=1) const
void setPropertySet (int propSetID=0)
int propertySet () const

Private Attributes

QVariant::Type _valueType
QDateTime dtValue
double dValue
QString sValue
QVariant::Type _valueType2
QDateTime dtValue2
double dValue2
int _propSetID

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KDChartData::KDChartData (  )  [inline]

KDChartData::KDChartData ( double  value  )  [inline]

KDChartData::KDChartData ( const QString &  value  )  [inline]

KDChartData::KDChartData ( double  yValue,
QDateTime  xValue 
) [inline]

KDChartData::KDChartData ( const QVariant &  _value1,
const QVariant &  _value2 
) [inline]

KDChartData::KDChartData ( double  yValue,
double  xValue 
) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

bool KDChartData::operator== ( const KDChartData it  )  const [inline]

Compare operator.

See also:

bool KDChartData::operator!= ( const KDChartData it  )  const [inline]

Compare operator.

See also:

bool KDChartData::isEqual ( const KDChartData a,
const KDChartData b 
) const [inline]

Compare method.

The property set ID is not taken into account while comparing. Two KDChartData are considered equal if their data values are equal - the property set ID is ignored.

void KDChartData::setAll ( const KDChartData R  )  [inline]

Method setAll.

The property set ID is also changed by the setAll method.
See also:

void KDChartData::setData ( const KDChartData R  )  [inline]

Method setData.

The property set ID is not changed by the setData method. If you want to set it please call KDChartData::setPropertySet() explicitely.
See also:

QVariant::Type KDChartData::valueType ( int  valNo = 1  )  const [inline]

bool KDChartData::hasValue ( int  valNo = 1  )  const [inline]

bool KDChartData::isString ( int  valNo = 1  )  const [inline]

bool KDChartData::isDouble ( int  valNo = 1  )  const [inline]

bool KDChartData::isDateTime ( int  valNo = 1  )  const [inline]

void KDChartData::clearValue (  )  [inline]

QVariant KDChartData::value ( int  valNo = 1  )  const [inline]

QString KDChartData::stringValue ( int  valNo = 1  )  const [inline]

double KDChartData::doubleValue ( int  valNo = 1  )  const [inline]

QDateTime KDChartData::dateTimeValue ( int  valNo = 1  )  const [inline]

void KDChartData::setPropertySet ( int  propSetID = 0  )  [inline]

Assign a property set to a data cell.

propSetID The ID of the property set to be assigned to this data cell. This ID can either be one of the built-in IDs documented at KDChartPropertySet::BuiltinDataPropertySetIDs or a special ID that was given back by a KDChartParams::registerProperties function call.
See also:


int KDChartData::propertySet (  )  const [inline]

Return the ID of the property set that is assigned to this data cell.

Use KDChartParams::properties( int ID ) for accessing the respective property set information.

See also:


Member Data Documentation

QVariant::Type KDChartData::_valueType [private]

QDateTime KDChartData::dtValue [private]

double KDChartData::dValue [private]

QString KDChartData::sValue [private]

QVariant::Type KDChartData::_valueType2 [private]

QDateTime KDChartData::dtValue2 [private]

double KDChartData::dValue2 [private]

int KDChartData::_propSetID [private]

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