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#include <KDChartBarPainter.h>

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KDChartAxesPainter Qt KDChartPainter
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Protected Member Functions

 KDChartBarPainter (KDChartParams *params)
virtual ~KDChartBarPainter ()
virtual bool isNormalMode () const
virtual int clipShiftUp (bool normalMode, double areaWidthP1000) const
virtual void specificPaintData (QPainter *painter, const QRect &ourClipRect, KDChartTableDataBase *data, KDChartDataRegionList *regions, const KDChartAxisParams *axisPara, bool bNormalMode, uint chart, double logWidth, double areaWidthP1000, double logHeight, double axisYOffset, double minColumnValue, double maxColumnValue, double columnValueDistance, uint chartDatasetStart, uint chartDatasetEnd, uint datasetStart, uint datasetEnd)
virtual void calculateXFront1_2 (bool bNormalMode, bool bIsVeryFirstBar, bool bIsFirstDataset, bool _bThreeDBars, double xpos, double valueBlockGap, double datasetGap, double frontBarWidth, int &frontX1, int &frontX2, int &previousFrontX2)

Private Member Functions

void initMyPainter (QPainter *painter)
void shiftMyPainter (double dx, double dy)
void shiftMyPainterBack ()

Private Attributes

QPainter * _myPainter
double _painterDX
double _painterDY
bool _bThreeDBars
double _areaP1000


class KDChartPainter

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KDChartBarPainter::KDChartBarPainter ( KDChartParams params  )  [protected]

virtual KDChartBarPainter::~KDChartBarPainter (  )  [protected, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool KDChartBarPainter::isNormalMode (  )  const [protected, virtual]

Implements KDChartAxesPainter.

virtual int KDChartBarPainter::clipShiftUp ( bool  normalMode,
double  areaWidthP1000 
) const [protected, virtual]

Implements KDChartAxesPainter.

virtual void KDChartBarPainter::specificPaintData ( QPainter *  painter,
const QRect &  ourClipRect,
KDChartTableDataBase data,
KDChartDataRegionList regions,
const KDChartAxisParams axisPara,
bool  bNormalMode,
uint  chart,
double  logWidth,
double  areaWidthP1000,
double  logHeight,
double  axisYOffset,
double  minColumnValue,
double  maxColumnValue,
double  columnValueDistance,
uint  chartDatasetStart,
uint  chartDatasetEnd,
uint  datasetStart,
uint  datasetEnd 
) [protected, virtual]

Implements KDChartAxesPainter.

virtual void KDChartBarPainter::calculateXFront1_2 ( bool  bNormalMode,
bool  bIsVeryFirstBar,
bool  bIsFirstDataset,
bool  _bThreeDBars,
double  xpos,
double  valueBlockGap,
double  datasetGap,
double  frontBarWidth,
int &  frontX1,
int &  frontX2,
int &  previousFrontX2 
) [protected, virtual]

void KDChartBarPainter::initMyPainter ( QPainter *  painter  )  [private]

void KDChartBarPainter::shiftMyPainter ( double  dx,
double  dy 
) [private]

void KDChartBarPainter::shiftMyPainterBack (  )  [private]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class KDChartPainter [friend]

Member Data Documentation

QPainter* KDChartBarPainter::_myPainter [private]

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