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#include <KDChartAxesPainter.h>

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KDChartPainter KDChartBarPainter KDChartBWPainter KDChartHiLoPainter KDChartLinesPainter KDChartAreaPainter
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Static Public Member Functions

static void calculateAbscissaInfos (const KDChartParams &params, const KDChartTableDataBase &data, uint datasetStart, uint datasetEnd, double logWidth, const QRect &dataRect, abscissaInfos &infos)
static bool calculateAbscissaAxisValue (const QVariant &value, abscissaInfos &ai, int colNumber, double &xValue)
static void saveDrawLine (QPainter &painter, QPoint pA, QPoint pZ, QPen pen)
static void calculateLabelTexts (QPainter *painter, const KDChartTableDataBase &data, const KDChartParams &params, uint axisNumber, double averageValueP1000, double delimLen, KDChartAxisParams::AxisPos &basicPos, QPoint &orig, QPoint &dest, double &pXDeltaFactor, double &pYDeltaFactor, double &pXDelimDeltaFaktor, double &pYDelimDeltaFaktor, double &nSubDelimFactor, double &pDelimDelta, double &nTxtHeight, double &pTextsX, double &pTextsY, double &pTextsW, double &pTextsH, int &textAlign, bool &isLogarithmic, bool &isDateTime, bool &autoDtLabels, QDateTime &dtLow, QDateTime &dtHigh, KDChartAxisParams::ValueScale &dtDeltaScale, bool adjustTheValues=false, double trueDelta=0.0, double trueDeltaPix=0.0)
static void calculateBasicTextFactors (double nTxtHeight, const KDChartAxisParams &para, double averageValueP1000, KDChartAxisParams::AxisPos basicPos, const QPoint &orig, double delimLen, uint nLabels, double &pDelimDelta, double &pTextsX, double &pTextsY, double &pTextsW, double &pTextsH, int &textAlign)
static QString truncateBehindComma (const double nVal, const int behindComma, const double nDelta, int &trueBehindComma)
static QString applyLabelsFormat (const double nVal, int divPow10, int behindComma, double nDelta, int &trueBehindComma, KDChartEnums::NumberNotation notation, const QString &decimalPoint, const QString &thousandsPoint, const QString &prefix, const QString &postfix, int totalLen, const QChar &padFill, bool blockAlign)
static void calculateOrdinateFactors (const KDChartAxisParams &para, bool bLogarithmic, double &nDist, double &nDivisor, double &nRound, double &nDelta, double &nSubDelimFactor, double &nLow, double &nHigh, bool findNextRound=false)
static void dtAddSecs (const QDateTime &org, const int secs, QDateTime &dest)
static void dtAddDays (const QDateTime &org, const int days, QDateTime &dest)
static void dtAddMonths (const QDateTime &org, const int months, QDateTime &dest)
static void dtAddYears (const QDateTime &org, const int years, QDateTime &dest)

Protected Member Functions

 KDChartAxesPainter (KDChartParams *params)
virtual ~KDChartAxesPainter ()
virtual void paintAxes (QPainter *painter, KDChartTableDataBase *data)
virtual void paintData (QPainter *painter, KDChartTableDataBase *data, bool paint2nd, KDChartDataRegionList *regions)
virtual bool isNormalMode () const =0
virtual int clipShiftUp (bool normalMode, double areaWidthP1000) const =0
virtual void specificPaintData (QPainter *painter, const QRect &ourClipRect, KDChartTableDataBase *data, KDChartDataRegionList *regions, const KDChartAxisParams *axisPara, bool bNormalMode, uint chart, double logWidth, double areaWidthP1000, double logHeight, double axisYOffset, double minColumnValue, double maxColumnValue, double columnValueDistance, uint chartDatasetStart, uint chartDatasetEnd, uint datasetStart, uint datasetEnd)=0
virtual bool calculateAllAxesLabelTextsAndCalcValues (QPainter *painter, KDChartTableDataBase *data, double areaWidthP1000, double areaHeightP1000, double &delimLen)


struct  abscissaInfos

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KDChartAxesPainter::KDChartAxesPainter ( KDChartParams params  )  [protected]

virtual KDChartAxesPainter::~KDChartAxesPainter (  )  [protected, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void KDChartAxesPainter::paintAxes ( QPainter *  painter,
KDChartTableDataBase data 
) [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from KDChartPainter.

virtual void KDChartAxesPainter::paintData ( QPainter *  painter,
KDChartTableDataBase data,
bool  paint2nd,
KDChartDataRegionList regions 
) [protected, virtual]

Implements KDChartPainter.

Reimplemented in KDChartAreaPainter, and KDChartLinesPainter.

virtual bool KDChartAxesPainter::isNormalMode (  )  const [protected, pure virtual]

virtual int KDChartAxesPainter::clipShiftUp ( bool  normalMode,
double  areaWidthP1000 
) const [protected, pure virtual]

virtual void KDChartAxesPainter::specificPaintData ( QPainter *  painter,
const QRect &  ourClipRect,
KDChartTableDataBase data,
KDChartDataRegionList regions,
const KDChartAxisParams axisPara,
bool  bNormalMode,
uint  chart,
double  logWidth,
double  areaWidthP1000,
double  logHeight,
double  axisYOffset,
double  minColumnValue,
double  maxColumnValue,
double  columnValueDistance,
uint  chartDatasetStart,
uint  chartDatasetEnd,
uint  datasetStart,
uint  datasetEnd 
) [protected, pure virtual]

virtual bool KDChartAxesPainter::calculateAllAxesLabelTextsAndCalcValues ( QPainter *  painter,
KDChartTableDataBase data,
double  areaWidthP1000,
double  areaHeightP1000,
double &  delimLen 
) [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from KDChartPainter.

static void KDChartAxesPainter::calculateAbscissaInfos ( const KDChartParams params,
const KDChartTableDataBase data,
uint  datasetStart,
uint  datasetEnd,
double  logWidth,
const QRect &  dataRect,
abscissaInfos infos 
) [static]

static bool KDChartAxesPainter::calculateAbscissaAxisValue ( const QVariant &  value,
abscissaInfos ai,
int  colNumber,
double &  xValue 
) [static]

static void KDChartAxesPainter::saveDrawLine ( QPainter &  painter,
QPoint  pA,
QPoint  pZ,
QPen  pen 
) [static]

static void KDChartAxesPainter::calculateLabelTexts ( QPainter *  painter,
const KDChartTableDataBase data,
const KDChartParams params,
uint  axisNumber,
double  averageValueP1000,
double  delimLen,
KDChartAxisParams::AxisPos basicPos,
QPoint &  orig,
QPoint &  dest,
double &  pXDeltaFactor,
double &  pYDeltaFactor,
double &  pXDelimDeltaFaktor,
double &  pYDelimDeltaFaktor,
double &  nSubDelimFactor,
double &  pDelimDelta,
double &  nTxtHeight,
double &  pTextsX,
double &  pTextsY,
double &  pTextsW,
double &  pTextsH,
int &  textAlign,
bool &  isLogarithmic,
bool &  isDateTime,
bool &  autoDtLabels,
QDateTime &  dtLow,
QDateTime &  dtHigh,
KDChartAxisParams::ValueScale dtDeltaScale,
bool  adjustTheValues = false,
double  trueDelta = 0.0,
double  trueDeltaPix = 0.0 
) [static]

static void KDChartAxesPainter::calculateBasicTextFactors ( double  nTxtHeight,
const KDChartAxisParams para,
double  averageValueP1000,
KDChartAxisParams::AxisPos  basicPos,
const QPoint &  orig,
double  delimLen,
uint  nLabels,
double &  pDelimDelta,
double &  pTextsX,
double &  pTextsY,
double &  pTextsW,
double &  pTextsH,
int &  textAlign 
) [static]

static QString KDChartAxesPainter::truncateBehindComma ( const double  nVal,
const int  behindComma,
const double  nDelta,
int &  trueBehindComma 
) [static]

static QString KDChartAxesPainter::applyLabelsFormat ( const double  nVal,
int  divPow10,
int  behindComma,
double  nDelta,
int &  trueBehindComma,
KDChartEnums::NumberNotation  notation,
const QString &  decimalPoint,
const QString &  thousandsPoint,
const QString &  prefix,
const QString &  postfix,
int  totalLen,
const QChar &  padFill,
bool  blockAlign 
) [static]

static void KDChartAxesPainter::calculateOrdinateFactors ( const KDChartAxisParams para,
bool  bLogarithmic,
double &  nDist,
double &  nDivisor,
double &  nRound,
double &  nDelta,
double &  nSubDelimFactor,
double &  nLow,
double &  nHigh,
bool  findNextRound = false 
) [static]

static void KDChartAxesPainter::dtAddSecs ( const QDateTime &  org,
const int  secs,
QDateTime &  dest 
) [static]

static void KDChartAxesPainter::dtAddDays ( const QDateTime &  org,
const int  days,
QDateTime &  dest 
) [static]

static void KDChartAxesPainter::dtAddMonths ( const QDateTime &  org,
const int  months,
QDateTime &  dest 
) [static]

static void KDChartAxesPainter::dtAddYears ( const QDateTime &  org,
const int  years,
QDateTime &  dest 
) [static]

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