FinanceQuoteProcess Class Reference

#include <webpricequote.h>

Inherits KProcess.

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Public Slots

void slotReceivedDataFromFilter (KProcess *, char *, int)
void slotProcessExited (KProcess *)

Public Member Functions

 FinanceQuoteProcess (void)
void launch (const QString &scriptPath)
bool isFinished ()
QStringList getSourceList ()
const QString crypticName (const QString &niceName)
const QString niceName (const QString &crypticName)

Private Types

typedef QMap< QString, QString > fqNameMap

Private Attributes

bool m_isDone
QString m_string
fqNameMap m_fqNames

Detailed Description

Helper class to run the Finance::Quote process. This is used only for the purpose of obtaining a list of valid sources. The actual price quotes are obtained thru WebPriceQuoteProcess. The class also contains functions to convert between the rather cryptic source names used by the Finance::Quote package, and more user-friendly names.

Thomas Baumgart <> & Ace Jones <>, Tony B<>

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef QMap<QString, QString> FinanceQuoteProcess::fqNameMap [private]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FinanceQuoteProcess::FinanceQuoteProcess ( void   ) 

Member Function Documentation

void FinanceQuoteProcess::launch ( const QString &  scriptPath  ) 

bool FinanceQuoteProcess::isFinished (  )  [inline]

QStringList FinanceQuoteProcess::getSourceList (  ) 

const QString FinanceQuoteProcess::crypticName ( const QString &  niceName  ) 

const QString FinanceQuoteProcess::niceName ( const QString &  crypticName  ) 

void FinanceQuoteProcess::slotReceivedDataFromFilter ( KProcess *  ,
char *  ,
) [slot]

void FinanceQuoteProcess::slotProcessExited ( KProcess *   )  [slot]

Member Data Documentation

QString FinanceQuoteProcess::m_string [private]

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