Chapter 19. KMyMoney Settings

Roger Lum

Revision 4.5 (2010-07-25)

The settings described below modify the behavior of KMyMoney. These settings can be changed through SettingsConfigure KMyMoney....


Global options


Choose the initial view upon startup.

  • Start with home page

  • Start with last selected page

Price Precision

Enter how many digits of precision your prices will have after the decimal point. For example, setting this to 2 will result in prices like 35.18, where setting it to 4 might cause the same price to show 35.1791

Autosave periodically

Check this box if you wish KMyMoney to autosave your files periodically. The default is 10 minutes.

Your fiscal year starts on

Enter the starting day and month of your fiscal year

Views options

Synchronize account selection of ledger and investment view

If this option is selected, selecting an account on the investments view will change the account selection on the ledger view, and viceversa.

Icon size of navigation bar

Select the size of the icons of the left-side navigation bar.

Show titlebar on each page

Whether the title of the current view should be displayed on each page.

Filter options

Don't show unused categories

Hide unused categories.

Don't show closed accounts

Hide closed accounts.

Show equity accounts

Equity accounts are normally hidden. Select this option to show them.

Don't show finished schedules

Hide finished schedules.

Don't show transaction prior to

Hide transactions prior to the selected date.

Setting this option to January 1, 1900 is a good way to debug date-related file import problems.

Don't show reconciled transactions

Filter transactions by reconciliation state. Transactions that are marked as Reconciled will not be shown.