These options allow you to customize the appearance of the Home page by choosing which entries to show on the Home page and the order in which they appear.


It shows the first 5 occurrences of your scheduled transactions

Preferred accounts

It shows the balance and credit of your favorite accounts

Payment accounts

It shows the balance of your asset and liability accounts, except for the investment accounts

Favorite Reports

It shows a list of your favorite reports


It shows a forecast for your asset and liability Accounts

Networth forecast

It shows a chart of your forecast net worth for the next 90 days

Assets and Liabilities

It shows the balance of all your assets and liabilities


It shows the budget items for the current month which have a negative difference compared to the actual income or expense


It shows an analysis of your cash flow for the current month

Percentage of default font size

Select the size of the font on the Home page

Remember font size when leaving the program if manually changed with mouse-wheel

Selecting this will save your font size preference if you have changed it from the Home page by using the mouse-wheel

Show account limit information

Shows the limit of the accounts on the Payment Accounts and Preferred Accounts sections of the Home page