Chapter 14. Reports

Ace Jones

Revision 4.5 (2010-07-25)

Available Reports

Reports View

The Reports View lists all available reports, grouped under the following headings.

Income and Expenses

The reports in this section show your income and expenses either for the current month or for each month in the current year. Of course, the duration of the overall report and the duration captured by each column can be configured to your liking. Graphs and Pie Charts also may be produced.

Net Worth

Here there are reports that describe your net worth, either at the current moment, every month for the current year, or every year of your history. In addition, there is a 7-day Cash Flow Forecast and a Net Worth Graph. There are also reports to get the balances for all of your accounts at any given point in time.


This section includes reports that list individual transactions. This is the best way to print your account register for a specific period of time. The transactions printed can be grouped together according to your liking by choosing the appropriate report, such as:

  • By Account

  • By Category

  • By Month or Week

  • By Payee

Cash Flow

The Cash Flow report is similar to a Transaction report, but it displays all cash-flow related transactions.


These reports help you keep track of your investments. They only include investment accounts. There are a variety of presentation filters and styles, as shown in this partial list.

  • Investment Transactions: Similar to a Transactions report, and includes the share price and quantities.

  • Investment Holdings by Account: Shows the current shares, price, and value for each account.

  • Investment Holdings by Type: Same as the previous report, but organizes the accounts by type (Stock, Mutual Fund, etc)

  • Investment Performance by Account: Shows the annualized performance over any period of time. This performs a cash flow analysis of all money coming into and going out of the account. As a result, this is a very accurate picture of how well your investments are doing.

  • Investment Performance by Type: Same as the previous report, but organizes the accounts by type (Stock, Mutual Fund, etc)

There are also graphs for Investment Prices and Investment Worth.


The tax reports are just like the transactions reports, with the addition that only Tax related categories are included. This allows you to flag certain categories as being tax-related, and then get one big report at the end of the year to see them all in one place. They may be listed either by Category or by Payee, and for the last fiscal year.


The budgeting reports are similar to net worth reports, but the reports can display the budget for a given year, or even compare it to the actual income and expenses for the same period.


The forecast reports are just like the net worth reports, but they use the information to display forecast information. You can display the information at various levels and for the time frame of your choosing.

General Information

These reports display non-transaction information about schedules, accounts, and loans.


If Charts are enabled, this section lists all the reports which are marked to display a graphical chart as the default. They are also listed in one of the other sections, but they are also aggregated here for your easy reference.


This section lists all the reports you have marked as a favorite in the report configuration dialog. They are still listed in one of the other sections, but they are also aggregated here for your easy reference. Favorite reports are also included on the financial summary page for even easier reference.

Configuring Reports

To access the report configuration dialog, bring up the report you wish to configure, and press the Configure button at the top of the report.