Chapter 8. Payees

Roger Lum

Ace Jones

Revision 4.5 (2010-07-25)

The Payees screen provides detailed information about all the payees and payers involved in transactions. The Payees screen is split into two main areas: a payees and payers list and a detail area.

The Payees screen allows for viewing the transactions for the selected payee, updating personal information associated with a particular payee or payer, and specifying transaction matching criteria.

Payees List

A list of payees and payers is on the left side of this screen. The payee list is sorted alphabetically. To sort in reverse alphabetical order, click on the Name title at the top of the list.

Adding a Payee or Payer

To add a payee or payer, right-click on any payee name and choose New payee. This creates a new payee called New Payee. Right-click on this payee and select Rename payee to enter the name of the new payee or payer.

Renaming a Payee or Payer

To rename a payee or payer, simply right-click on the name, select Rename payee and the name becomes editable. Changing the name will affect the name in all the transactions in which it appears.

Deleting a Payee or Payer

To remove a payee or payer, right-click the name and select Delete payee. If the payee has any transactions, you will be presented with a dialog that allows you to reassign them to a different payee, and also a check box to enable a deleted name to be added to the new payee's matching list.