Chapter 6. Accounts

Michael T. Edwardes

Roger Lum

Revision 4.6 (2011-07-21)

The Accounts View

The Accounts View provides a summary of all the accounts. There are four different account categories: Asset, Liability, Income, and Expense. Typical asset accounts include bank accounts, cash, and investments, while typical liability accounts include credit cards and loans.

There are two ways to view the accounts: List or Icon view, which may be selected by clicking on the appropriate tab at the top of the view.

In the List view, the accounts are grouped under four headings: Asset, Liability, Income, and Expense. List view shows the name and balance or value of each account. Income and Expense list the categories that each transaction is filed under, and provide similar functionality to the Categories screen. The options and features involving Income and Expense accounts are described in detail in the Categories chapter. The rest of this chapter will focus on Asset and Liability account functionality.

In the Icon view, the Asset and Liability accounts are shown with icons indicating the account type. KMyMoney initially places the icons alphabetically, but you can move the icons to any position you want, just by dragging the icon with the mouse. Note, however, that just moving an icon does not currently trigger KMyMoney to think that any data has been changed. This means that you need to make some other change, such as editing an account or a transaction and saying OK (even without actually changing any data) so KMyMoney allows you to save the file. The saved file will include the new icon positions.