Documentation is something that can always be improved. Keeping documentation up to date is also a challenge. If your interested in helping us keep our user manual up to date, the help would be appreciated.
There are several ways you can help with the Documentation:

0.8 User Manual

The user manual is written in DocBook format. DocBook allows us to easily produce documentation in many different formats while only having to write it once. It also is used by KDE and KDE applications. You may want to learn more about using DocBook first. If you have never used DocBook before you might find it more comfortable to write it all in plain text first.

If you have found errors in the current manual for KMyMoney, you may submit patches to the developers mailing list and we will take care of it.

Development User Manual (CVS)

If you are interested in writing new documentation for the development versions of KMyMoney you can also submit CVS patches for the manual to the developers mailing list and we can apply those patches for you. You will of course need to have a copy of the KMyMoney CVS directory on your computer. Instructions on getting CVS can be found in the "Installation" section under "Installing from CVS"

More Resources